Templestowe RSL

History of the RSL

156 Parker Street and the land where the Memorial Hall is situated was purchased as one block (Lot 1 and Lot 2) from the Crown Lands Department on 5th October 1920 with the intention of donating the same to the people of Templestowe and erecting a Memorial Hall to honor those who fell and served in the war 1914 to 1918.

The Hall was completed in 1922 at which time the Gift and Trust were drawn up. The above land was purchased by E. C. Johnston, H. A. Munday and E. P. Sheahan.

On 10th November 1954 the land on which the Memorial Hall (Lot 2) is situated was transferred to the Shire of Doncaster and Templestowe and the land on which the club (Lot 1) is now situated was transferred to the Templestowe RSL Sub-Branch by the way of a gift late 1955, early 1956.

The above refers to lane only. The original proprietors of Lot 1 are Edward Patrick Sheahan, Robert Reid and Edward Francis Mullens who on 26th June 1951 made a gift transfer of the land to Frederic Norman Chivers, Harold Cecil Morrison, Edward Patrick Finn and Harry Douglas Steve as joint tenants of the land now known as 156 Parker Street, Templestowe.

The Templestowe RSL Sub-Branch of the R.S.S.A.I.L.A. was formed in 1948 and received its Charter under the Presidency of Mr. Ted Sheahan, a First World War veteran.

The sub-branch President who had built and was a trustee of the Memorial Hall approached the hall committee who generously granted the sub-branch land at the rear (west side) of their property as a gift. That site is where the club rooms are situated today.

Finance to build was a problem. The Patriotic Funds Council of Victoria granted permission for the sub-branch to conduct a raffle, with 2000 tickets to be sold. Response was great and over 3000 applications for tickets were received, with 1000 being returned. A car raffle was very popular.

The draw was conducted by the then Minister for Housing and several bank managers. The raffle being successful, plans were drawn up and a builder chosen. The raffle being successful, plans were drawn up and a builder chosen. The new rooms were build late 1955 early 1956 and is still part of the club-room today, being the main hall containing the fire place.

The club rooms were built as a place of meeting and a place of enjoyment for returned servicemen.

On 20th May 1966, the Memorial Hall was transferred to the President, Councilors and rate payers of the Shire of Doncaster and Templestowe.

On 25th July 1965, with agreement of the trustees, the conditions and arrangement of the transfer of the land and Hall to the Shire was that it would use the land and Hall for the purpose and benefit of the people of Doncaster and Templestowe to take general care and management of the hall under a committee of management of 7 members, all who must live and are rate payers of the shire.

In 1988 the sole survivor, Frederic Norman Chivers, of the previous trustees appointed on 26th June 1951, transferred the obligation and purpose of the trust to Norman William Morrison, Rodney George Smith, Gerald Michael Flanagan (being appointed Chairman of the Trust) to protect the title and ensure the land and assets of the Templestowe RSL Sub-Branch remain in control of the members at all times for their place of meeting and enjoyment.

In the event of a trustee being deceased, the members will hold an Extraordinary General Meeting where 75% of the members at the meeting will appoint a replacement trustee.

Annual Events

  • Anzac Day.

  • Christmas in July.

  • Grand final.

  • Melbourne Cup.